Headmasters’ meeting Langon, France

Different activities during the project meeting:

  • French Education System;
  • Teaching languages in France according to the European Language Framework;
  • Exchanging ideas about language teaching and the ways of motivating students to study languages in different partner schools in Lithuania, Turkey, Italy and France;
  • Observing lessons such as science lessons in English, Spanish lessons using Language Laboratory, a welcoming lesson for lower secondary school students, conducted by A math teacher in the Spanish Language in Jean Moulin Lyceum;
  • Observing English lesson, German and English breakfast lesson for elementary school students in college Jules Ferry;
  • Observing lessons in bilingual classes in Ecole Elémentaire d’application Paul Lapie and Elementary school Vauban of Cussac;
  • Workshops: podcasting and teaching languages, experiences of bilingual teaching;
  • Project working sessions with French project team and students;
  • Meeting with French host families;
  • Visiting Bordeaux and Basque country to discover cultural differences linked with languages;
  • Meeting and welcoming event with the Mayor of Langon;

Impressions on the project meeting:

  • Discovering ways how to motivate students to choose and learn languages;
  • Discovering cultural and historical heritage of the French Language and traditions;
  • The meeting was well-planned and organized;
  • Workshops were efficient and informative;

Strengths of involving students in learning foreign languages IN Jean Moulin lyceum:

  • innovative strategies and modern technologies applied in lessons;
  • long-term pupil individual mobility programme;
  • European classes (teaching sciences, civic education, philosophy, history in English);
  • Students can choose and learn English, Spanish, German and Occitan (regional language), as this choice is not available in Turkey;
  • Assessment and Diploma;
  • Certification Diploma;
  • Bilingual classes at very early age seem to stimulate children’s abilities to learn languages. Children are able to learn several languages at the same time as they develop multilinguistical skills;

Ideas for improving teaching of foreign languages:

  • too few hours to teach languages and a big amount of students in classroom;
  • lack of standard tests to define the level of students language knowledge;
  • it is necessary to prepare language teaching programmes for different levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and mainstream students according to the level they have achieved;
  • teaching various subjects in different languages should be available not only for students in European classes but for each student at school;
  • bilingual classes should be integrated in primary schools;

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